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Greyscale Recordings provides a comfortable and professional work environment for artists to record their songs.


From our extensive plugin library including Neural DSP, WAVES, STL, Joey Sturgis Tones, and TSE, to our IR modeling options from the Boss Tube Amp Expander paired with our in house tube amps, you can be assured Greyscale Recordings will deliver you album ready guitar and/or bass tones for your next release.



We take your fully recorded songs, tracked at Greyscale or elsewhere, and provides the absolute best representation of  your song using a multitude of tools such as EQ, Compression, Saturation, etc.

Greyscale Recordings takes your fully mixed songs and creates a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments.


Need to hire a drummer to perform or program drums to your next record? Or a session guitarist? Greyscale Recordings will provide the highest quality performances and recordings for your next project.


Editing is a crucial part of the engineering process in todays industry standard of modern day music but can often be an extremely tedious task and very time consuming. At Greyscale, we take pride in delivering the highest quality edits to our clients and fellow engineers.


Services include (but not limited to), live drum editing, MIDI drum humanization, sample replacement, guitar/bass editing, vocal tuning and alignment, vocal harmonizing, podcast editing, etc.



Hi, I'm Tyler.

     I've been mixing and mastering music for the past 6 years and have been an active musician as early as I can remember.

I have been involved in professional studio recording since early 2016. I attended The New School Center for Media in 2017 where I learned audio production from the best of the best and received both ProTools User and Operator Certification from AVID (the creators of ProTools). 

My DAW of choice is Pro Tools Studio with top of the line Focusrite converters which brings the audio signal into the analog domain, where my Yamaha HS7's show me how it sounds. 


My hybrid mix setup allows for both "in the box" mix processing with the very best plugins available on the market while still being able to use an array of various outboard compressors, EQ's, and effects to color your mix in the most musical way possible. A 8-channel SSL moving fader control surface then allows me to literally get my hands on the mix.

With over 60 million combined streams/views amongst all Greyscale productions, and charting on the top 40 "Best New Hard Rock Albums" in 2021,  you can be reassured that you will be delivering a long lasting, impactful musical production to the world for years to come.

I'm here to make you sound good. That's it.

- Tyler Hayes |  Greyscale Recordings

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